ALSB Sections

Within the Academy are eight specific interests sections.  These sections sponsor symposia, panels, workshops, and papers at the annual ALSB Conference each August.  They also provide teaching and research support in their specialized areas.  Membership in the sections is only available to ALSB members.  Membership in more than one section is also encouraged.  The eight sections and the contact persons are:


Employment Law

President:  Lucas Loafman, Texas A&M University, Central Texas
Vice President:  Natalie Pederson, Drexel
Secretary:  Carolyn Plump, LaSalle

Employment Law Section Newsletter – Summer 2018

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Chair:  Stephen Park, University of Connecticut
Co-Chair:  Todd Haugh, Indiana University
Co-Chair:  Jennifer Pacella, CUNY-Baruch

2019 Ethics Newsletter

Environmental Law and Sustainability

Chair:  Janet Hale, Texas State University
Secretary:  Nancy Kubasek, Bowling Green State University

Envtl Law & Sustainability Section Blog

2018 Newsletter


President:  David Nersessian, Babson College
Vice President:  Stephen Park, University of Connecticut
Secretary:  Kevin Fandl, Temple University  

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Law for Accountants

Chair:  Linda Christiansen, Indiana University Southeast

Law and Management

Chair: Adam Sulkowski, Babson College

Sports and Entertainment Law

Chair: Nathaniel Grow, Indiana University


Chair:  Rick Kunkel, University of St. Thomas
Vice Chair:  Ken Sanney, Western Carolina University
Secretary:  Linda Christiansen, Indiana University Southeast